Standards are a tool to reduce and overcome the technical barriers to international trade, including defining rules and procedures for the implementation of the standardization of activities to establish the requirements and characteristics of different types of products and services for a particular country.

The Russian national standardization system includes a set of common technical standards and standards by industries, as well as safety standards and other subsystems of standardization. The publisher of standards in the Russian Federation is the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (ROSSTANDART).

East View has been providing Russian standards to customers all over the world for over twenty years.


The standards are originally produced in Russian language, though many have already been translated into English. If you wish to know the price of an English language edition for a standard where no price is mentioned, most likely we would need to provide translation services for you. Please inquire at for pricing details for the specific standard you are interested in.


Russian standards are typically sent via email in pdf format.

Delivery Time

Russian language standards and already-produced English language translations are usually sent one business day after payment is confirmed. Standards that need to be translated to English typically take 1-4 weeks.


We strive to keep the latest editions of all standards available on our website. But if you need a standard that is not listed, or for any reason need to know if an older version of a particular standard is available, please inquire at